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Created 1999

July 2017

For 18 years I have been a part of a very special family. This is not a family of blood relation, but a family that shares similar genes. A family that doesn't live in the same town, state or even country most of the time, but talk more than neighbors. A family that shares triumphs, sorrow, goals, laughs, tear, questions, support and love. And family that I have turned to many times over the past 18 years.
Thank you David McDougall for starting this just weeks before our girl was born. Somehow you knew I would need this for all those years and many more to come. Love my NM family. Happy 18th Birthday!!

Amy Beffa Rhodes

The original website for nemaline myopathy

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Hebrew NM Group

Shaina Miriam Lent created the group. It is called "Nemaline Myopathy Israel".

Hi everyone! Just opened a nemaline myopathy group for hebrew speaker in Israel. Hope you find it useful. I will be translating important info from here to there.