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Active Family Discussion Group
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Sporadic Late (Adult) Onset NM
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Nemaline Myopathy Support Group
The very helpful worldwide network.
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Nemaline Myopathy teens / young adults
Sporadic Late (Adult) Onset NM

Miopatia Nemalinica - (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish)
Nemalinmyopati NORDEN
Nemaiinikappaleet - Finland
(Japanese) - Facebook group

Miopatía Nemalínica España
Nemaline Myopathie Support - Deutschland
Nemaline Oz

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Welcome Introduction (Oct. 27)
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What is NM?

NM Family Contact Register (Jan 30)
Contact me to be added to the hundreds
of members from 53 countries around the world. I may know someone near you!

Meet the website creator
(Jan. 16)

Genetic testing (Nov. 29)
Dr. A. Beggs
(May 21)

Prof. N. Laing AO (June 9
Prof. K North (Oct 22)
Assoc. Prof. Ottenheijm (Nov. 19)
Dr. C. Wallgren-Pettersson (Nov. 19)
Research projects (May 22)
European NeuroMuscular Consortium (Nov. 19)
Science papers online (Feb. 8)

Jewish Genetics (Oct. 27)
CMD International Register (Feb. 27)
A Foundation Building Strength (Feb. 13)

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Gene Express (Sept. 29)
The latest updates directly from the research teams as they are published.

Starting out with NM (May 4)
Beginners Guide to Explaining things
(Feb. 5)
Therapies & Personal Development (Jan.. 29)
Professional and medical contacts (April 29)
Patient care (April 29)
Pregnancy in women with NM (Dec. 28)

Webpage for SLONM (March 5)

Retailers/Suppliers (April 13)
Travel/Holiday/Insurance advice (July 21)
Emergency lists for travel
Drugs and supplements (Aug 30)
L-tyrosine (July 2)
NM Support Group (NMSG) (Mar. 20)
NM Foundation
(Aug. 25)

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Original NM Newsletter
Everybody's Different

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